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Basic Summary of Experience

· Code Compliance

· Specification and Design

· Bid Specification

· ADA Evaluation

· Building and Fire Requirements

· Cost Analysis

· Surveys


· Performance Evaluation

· Preventative Service Audit

· Repair Cost Analysis

· Full Elevator Audit

· Code Discrepancy Reviews

· Maintenance Contract Specification

· Maintenance and Repair contract Management
Rey De Vera, Elevator Consultant, 808-450- 8169
I started in the Elevator industry in 1987 working as Elevator Mechanic. I was involved in new construction, modernization, repairing, and elevator maintenance.
In 2000, I started my own elevator service company. As owner of the company I worked closely with building owners, management companies, architects and developers. Many of them are experts in their field, however, they felt in the dark when it came to their needs and knowledge of their elevators, functions, systems, operations and what is necessary to comply with codes as well as meet their own budgets.

More often than not these building owner and managers have to rely on the elevator companies as their expert which is in some respects can be a conflict of interest.

I sold the Elevator Company I became third party Elevator inspector in the state of Missouri. I first received my inspector’s license in 2004. Later, I became an inspector for the state of Hawaii. This experience gave me the full exposure of many different types of Governing codes. I not only worked with the ASME 17.1 but other codes like NFPA 13, NFPA 70, IBC Codes and other Codes such as OSHA. During my time at the State I worked closely with the Attorney General to develop the 1996 antiquated code to bring it up to date to what we have today, The Hawaii Administrative Rules 2010 elevator codes and related systems. I was a member of the Building Code Council. I presently hold an elevator mechanic license, QEI elevator inspector’s license and most recently attained the C-16 elevator contractor’s license (RME).

I am incredibly blessed to have worked and learned the elevator industry starting as an elevator mechanic, inspector, contractor, and business owner and manager. I have the prospective and experience from all angles of the business. I have over 28 years in the industry; I believe I am now in the best position ever to serve you and future customers with your elevator needs and concerns.
My goal is to provide understanding and guidance to those who are in the process of building new elevators, as well as those who have existing elevators in need of possible upgrades, code compliance and maintenance needs analyzed.

Creating a strong and good relationship between the building owner and Elevator companies I believe will be both beneficial and rewarding, that of course without overlooking the safety of the riding public. A win-win situation always pays off. While I look after your best interest, working with a satisfied and happy service provider will bring in a good product and services that would benefit the end user of vertical transportation.

I will represent you the building owner and building manager or organization in this negotiation process with utmost integrity. I will make sure your elevator plans and specsare compliant to all current codes. As a consultant, my job is to make sure the elevator projects are installed and maintained properly in accordance to jurisdictional authority in the most economical way.